Latest Software

Gopal Magnetic Tester

Trade-in your 8565 & get a $30k credit
Compatible Device:Epstein Tester
Last Update:May 2016

Gopal Real Time Monitoring

Streamline test of latest LTE-A updates
Compatible Device:3 Phase Power Analyzer
Last Update:May 2016

Three Phase Power Analyzer

Model: PA-600

Low power factor measurement plays vital role in transformer testing, Power Analyzer PA600 gives accurate measurement at low power factor.

Iron Loss Tester

Model: DW-21

Iron Loss Tester Model: DW‐21 is very accurate single sheet iron loss tester. You can evaluate very accurate watt loss of any electrical steel sheet by feeding it's accurate weight or thickness in the instrument. You can test the sample from 0.2 Tesla to 1.8 Tesla at frequency range from 35Hz to 125Hz.

Watt Loss Tester

Model: RK-45

Digital watt loss tester Model RK45 is very useful instrument for comparing different motor stampings grade. It is very much important to inspect the grade and watt losses of motor stamping for high quality and energy efficient motor development.

Epstein Tester

Model: EP-350

Epstein Tester Model EP350 is capable to measure AC magnetic properties like watt/kg, Ampere turns per meter, permeability etc. of flat rolled magnetic materials. EP30 comply IS649 and ASTM 343 standards.

Franklin Tester

Model: FT1

Franklin tester measures the surface insulation resistivity of single strip of flat‐rolled electrical steel under predetermined conditions of voltage, pressure, and temperature according to ASTM A717 & IS649

Motor Stack Tester

Model: ST-1000

Motor Stack Tester Model ST-1000 measures basic magnetic properties of Motor stack (ring, toroid or stamping), and It can measure the Iron loss (Watt/kg), magnetizing force and permeability.