Motor Stack Tester

Motor Stack Tester

The Industry Standard Since 1989 - Gopal Electronics has the knowledge and experience of the magnetic measurement and Commercial Core Loss testing technology. Gopal Electronics make Core Loss testers are use around the world by motor manufacturers for quality control during their production or reproduction process.
The ST-1000 is designed for determination of basic magnetic properties of Motor stack (ring, toroid or stamping) It can measure the Iron loss (Watt/kg), magnetizing force and permeability.

Motor Core Loss Theory

Not all power applied to an electric motor is converted to work. Principal sources of waste include winding (I²R) loss, friction, stray load loss and core loss in the stator, rotor or armature. Core loss is the excess energy required to magnetize the core and is due to eddy currents and hysteresis.
Increased loss results from physical damages or overheating of the core. Core Loss, dissipated heat, increases the operating temperature of the motor which causes more heat and can shorten the winding life. The core loss is considered the second leading cause or motor inefficiency behind only copper loss.
Your company should consider core loss testing because it is the only method of correctly determining if that motor operated at a rated efficiency after it is built.

Technical Brochure

Motor Stack Tester, Model: ST-1000

Gopal electronics has built the reputation in the market on basis of transparency in sales, easy and quick service, and economic and reliable rates for repairing.
  • The whole product range of Gopal Electronics comes with standard 1 year warranty.
  • For easy warranty claim, you can register your product on our website in case you purchased from any dealer.
  • You can send your instrument by courier to our works for any repairing or calibration service. Your instrument will be inspected first and you will be notified for its repairing or calibration charges. The repairing or calibration process only carried out after the confirmation of customer.
  • The time for repairing or calibration is maximum 48 hours after confirmation.
  • We Ensure your investment secure upto 1 year for any manufacturing defects.

Calibration Service

We provide traceable calibration service according to ISO17025 for all of our product range. Every year you require to calibrate your instruments for your factory certification like ISO, and to maintain quality of your routine test and quality inspection.

Calibration by Gopal Electronics:

  • Our reference meters and standards are traceable to NABL accredited lab or our internal standards as per ISO17025.
  • We have calibration facility of 0.007% (66 ppm) energy accuracy for sinusoidal waveforms.
  • As manufacturer we can change the calibration data and compensate the deviation in each measuring point. So you can get actual calibration not only the comparison report.
  • General Service, replacement of minor parts can be carried out at the same time.
  • Free firmware upgrade is also the part of our calibration process.
  • We can provide calibration at special points which are not included in usual calibration on customer request, like calibration at 0.1 power factor.
  • It takes maximum two days to complete the calibration process after the receipt of your instrument at our factory.
  • Fully Automatic test method
  • Only one turn required to wind around the stack for measurement
  • Custom designs as per required core area to be tested
  • Core loss in watts/kg (lb) is automatically calculated based on core dimensions.
  • The entire test takes only about 2 minutes!
  • Industry Accepted Formulas for calculations of Core Volume and Core Loss
  • Reports can be generated by attached thermal printer

Why Core loss testing is necessary?

A vicious cycle of increasing inefficiency is established leading to higher operational costs and premature motor failure. In DC armatures, core loss can cause sparking and spotting, impeding motor performance. Some special types, such as hermetic refrigeration and traction motors, suffer especially high losses. A relatively small temperature rise in the motor winding can significantly reduce the thermal life of the insulation.
Core Loss testing is one of the most important quality assurance tool in the motor manufacturing industry and is virtually a requirement when rewinding a motor. This proven technology is even more critical in today's competitive market as it predicts motor reliability, helps maintain motor efficiency, and reduces motor repair and warranty costs. Moreover, government efficiency mandates make detecting sources of energy loss increasingly important.
  • Weight : Depend on customized order
  • Dimension : Depend on customized order
  • Flux volt meter Accuracy : 0.1% Range : 4 Digits
  • Rms Volt Meter Accuracy : 0.1% Range : 4 Digits
  • Watt Meter Accuracy : 0.1% Range : 4 Digits
  • Rms Ammeter Accuracy : 0.1% Range : 4 Digits
  • Frequency Accuracy : 0.1% Range : 45Hz to 65Hz
  • Watt per Kg Accuracy : 3.0% Range : 4 Digits
  • Ampere turn per meter Accuracy : 3.0% Range : 4 Digits
  • Permeability Accuracy : 3.0% Range : 4 Digits
  • Power Supply Range : 230V upto 500A and 440V > 500A
  • OD Range : Any as per customer requirement
  • ID (Dia. over slot) Range : Any as per customer requirement
  • Length Range : Any as per customer requirement
  • Dimensions : Depend on custom design
  • Weight : Depend on custom design
  • ST1000 Main Unit
  • Free software Data Transfer Tool CD
  • Soft copy User's Manual in CD
  • Thermal Printer
  • Printer connection wire
  • Calibration Certificate