Epstein Tester

Epstein Tester

EP-350 is designed to measure AC magnetic properties of flat rolled magnetic materials at high frequency by using Wattmeter, Ammeter, Voltmeter and Source. Epstein bridge test method is a fundamental method for evaluating the magnetic performance of flat-rolled magnetic materials in either sheared or stress relief annealed condition. This test method is suitable for design, specification acceptance, service evaluation, and research and development.
EP-350 has digital controlled crystal accurate 16 Bit sine wave Generator, which provides 25 Hz to 450 Hz harmonics free non distorted power for testing of specimen. It has in built measuring meter, like Flux Voltmeter, RMS Voltmeter, RMS Ammeter, Peak Ammeter, Wattmeter and Power Factor meter with digital sampling method. These measuring devices are (temper proof) precisely calibrated to achieve high accuracy and long term stability. Accuracy and stability of EP-350 is better than specified in national and international standards. (Reference to ASTM: 343, IEC: 60404-2, BIS: 649)

Fully Automatic Test Method

You can get the complete test report at nine different induction points within few minutes. You only need to insert strips in the bridge and enter the weight, length and density of material in software. EP-350 starts taking result at your defined nine different induction point automatically. For testing at each induction, it sets frequency, flux volt & induction automatically using digital sampling method by micro controller. After competition of testing, software generates report in Excel sheet.

Technical Brochure

Epstein Tester, Model: EP-350

User's Manual

Epstein Tester, Model: EP-350

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  • The whole product range of Gopal Electronics comes with standard 1 year warranty.
  • For easy warranty claim, you can register your product on our website in case you purchased from any dealer.
  • You can send your instrument by courier to our works for any repairing or calibration service. Your instrument will be inspected first and you will be notified for its repairing or calibration charges. The repairing or calibration process only carried out after the confirmation of customer.
  • The time for repairing or calibration is maximum 48 hours after confirmation.
  • We Ensure your investment secure upto 1 year for any manufacturing defects.

Calibration Service

We provide traceable calibration service according to ISO17025 for all of our product range. Every year you require to calibrate your instruments for your factory certification like ISO, and to maintain quality of your routine test and quality inspection.

Calibration by Gopal Electronics:

  • Our reference meters and standards are traceable to NABL accredited lab or our internal standards as per ISO17025.
  • We have calibration facility of 0.007% (66 ppm) energy accuracy for sinusoidal waveforms.
  • As manufacturer we can change the calibration data and compensate the deviation in each measuring point. So you can get actual calibration not only the comparison report.
  • General Service, replacement of minor parts can be carried out at the same time.
  • Free firmware upgrade is also the part of our calibration process.
  • We can provide calibration at special points which are not included in usual calibration on customer request, like calibration at 0.1 power factor.
  • It takes maximum two days to complete the calibration process after the receipt of your instrument at our factory.
  • Basic 0.1% Accuracy FSD
  • Fully automatic testing by software
  • Temper proof calibration
  • Long terms stability
  • Feather touch 24 Key
  • 20 x 4 line LCD Display
  • USB port to connect Software
  • 25 Hz to 450 Hz Source
  • 128 VA Source capacity
  • Auto protection
  • 700 Turns Standard Bridge
  • Portable size
  • Aluminum body
Quality Measurements of Flat Rolled Electrical Steel Sheet like CRGO, CRNGO, CRNO, HR etc...

Scope of Measurements

  • Iron Loss Watt per Kg
  • Iron Loss Watt per pound
  • Ampere Turns per Meter
  • Permeability
  • B/H Curve (with Software)
  • Main Unit Dimensions = Wide =425mm Depth =557mm Height =100 mm +Leg
  • Main Unit Weight = 14.5 Kg
  • Epstein Bridge weight = 7.3 Kg approx.
  • Epstein Bridge Dimension = 35 x 32.5 x 11.5 cm
  • Sine wave Generator = 25 to 450 Hz
  • Accuracy of frequency = 0.03% which instrument can set
  • Source capacity = 11.2 Amp Peak
  • Source max. Voltage = 16.0 Volt RMS
  • Distortion of Sine wave = 0.025%
  • Protection (Auto)Source = > 8.0 Amp RMS + Fuse
  • Protection of power input = Fuse
  • Input voltage = 230V @ 50 Hz 3 Amp ± 10% or 110V @ 60 Hz 4 Amp ± 10%
  • Operation temperature = 20° to 45° Celsius
  • Operation humidity = less than 70%
  • Accuracy of Voltmeter = 0.1% FSD True RSM Volt
  • Accuracy of Flux meter = 0.2% FSD Rectified mean Volt
  • Accuracy of Ammeter = 0.1% FSD True RMS
  • Accuracy of Peak Ammeter = 0.2% FSD
  • Accuracy of Power meter = 0.1% FSD From 0.15PF to 1.00PF
  • Accuracy of PF meter = 0.2% From 0.15PF to 1.00PF

Specification of Bridge

  • Bridge Size = 25 cm ( 94 cm mean length )
  • Number of turns = 700 ( Primary = Secondary )
  • Specimen size = 30 x 280 to 305 mm
  • Specimen weight = 250gm to 500gm
  • Bridge weight = 7.3 Kg approx.
  • Dimension = 35 x 32.5 x 11.5 cm
  • Air flux compensating coil mounted inside the Bridge
  • 25 CM Epstein Bridge = 1
  • Bridge interface wire = 4
  • Standard corner weight = 4
  • Standard test sample = 1
  • Mains AC Wire = 1
  • USB interface wire = 1
  • Operation manual = 1
  • Calibration certificate(our lab) = 1